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My prices are different on my blog from Etsy. This is because I have to raise my prices to cover Etsy & Paypal costs. Please feel free to order either way. Thank-u!!


***All necklaces come with a 16 or 18 inch  silver chain.***

Bird's Nest II Necklace- 15.50

 This necklace is darling!! If you know anyone who loves to show off their kids or grandkids... this necklace is for them. This is a one inch square pendant (holds up to three names) with a handmade "bird's nest" hanging from the center.  Each "egg" represents the number of children you have. If you need room for more than three names, we can change the square to a 1 1/2 inch circle.
When Ordering I need: Names to be stamped, and length of chain choice.

Our Family Tree Necklace- $15.50
Perfect necklace for showcasing your family. This is a handmade-handstamped tree in the center of a 1 1/4 inch pendant. Around edge is children's,grandchildrens, or even put your whole family names. Makes a perfect one of a kind gift!!!
When Odering I need: names to be stamped and length of chain choice.

Family Tree Necklace $14.50
Charming one-inch pendant with a family tree pendant.  Pendant is perfect for 1-3 names. 
When Ordering Give: Children's Names , and length of chain choice.
Surrounded By Love Necklace  $13.00

A 1 1/4-inch pendant has Mother's initials in center of pendant.Around edge are children's names. Perfect for Grandmother's too!!
When Ordering Give: The initials that need to be in center. (put in order in which you want me to stamp them.) And the children's names. And length of chain choice.

                  Initial Necklace  $10.50
Charming-yet-elegant 5/8-inch silver charm has two pearl accents.  Has three letter initial in center. 
When Ordering Give: The initials. (please place them in order they will be stamped) Length of chain choice.

Stacked Necklace  $17.50

This necklace is perfect for you if you have several (3-5) kids or grand kids.The pendants measure 1 1/4, 1, and 3/4 inch. You can add up to 5 names on this necklace.
When Ordering Give: Names that will be placed on the pendants. If you prefer a certain order please give reference of S for small, M for medium, and Lg. for Large pendant beside name.  Length of chain choice

Perfect necklace to not onl show off your wedding date but also your sweet kids! A  1 1/4-inch circle pendant has children's names around outer edge. A smaller 7/8  inch pendant has family's  year of establishment  (wedding year)   and family's last name.
When Ordering Give: Last name, wedding year, and children's names. Length of chain choice.

Washer Necklace- $14.00

One-inch washer with pearl accent.  If you want one just one child, could put child's birthstone instead of pearl. Can fit up to 20 characters (including spaces). 
When Ordering Give: Children's names.Length if chain choice.
Couple Necklace $13.00

A one-inch circle pendant has couple's wedding date paired with a smaller 1/2 inch pendant  showing couples' initials. Has a pair of small silver beads or small pearls.  You could put couple's names on one inch pendant and then the wedding year on the smaller pendant.  Makes a perfect wedding gift!!
When Ordering Give: wedding date, and couple's first initial. Length of chain choice.

Two-Child Necklace-$15.75

  This is a "dressed-up" version of the traditional necklace. It consists of a hallow 7/8-inch heart charm, with a one-inch and 7/8-inch pendant, topped with the corresponding birthstone crystal of the children.  This necklace can be made into a three child or even a single child necklace.  We would just add (or take away) pendants.  This particular necklace is very versatile. If you want a different connector you could use the heart connector from the stacked necklace.    
When Ordering Give: Child's name and birth month. Length of chain choice.

Single Child Necklace-$10.50

A one-inch square or circle pendant with child's name and attached is either a pearl or the child's birthstone crystal.  Simple-but-says-IT ALL!!
When Ordering Give: child's name, choice of either pearl accent or birthstone. If choice is birthstone give birth month please. Length of chain choice.

Rectangle Necklace- $10.50
This necklace consists of a 1 1/4 inch rectangle pendant. Great for one child or you can add pendants for multiple children.  Cost per extra pendant is $2.00.  A small bead would be placed in between each pendant.  Length of chain choice.

Washer Necklace with Stone- $16.50
This is a one-inch washer with two stones attached on both sides and then attached to a chain.  It has a toggle clasp.  Washer can fit up to 20 characters. 

Linked Up Necklace- 13.50

This is a one inch circle nickel silver pendant with a 10mm pearl accent attached to the center.  The pendant has room for up to 22 spaces including spaces.  I have added 4 different size links to the top for added length and design.  Perfect for everyday wear or dress it up with your favorite pearls.  Length of chain choice.
Choker Style Initial Necklace- 7.50

This is a variation of the initial necklace.  The necklace is a choker style.  It measures 12 inches long.  It is great for layering with other  necklaces.  Layer with one or as many as you wish!! Makes a great gift for anyone!! *When ordering this I need Initials in order in which they should be stamped. 

Rectangle Necklace with Connector- 13.50
This necklace is the same as my original Rectangle Necklace but it has a connector that the pendants are attached to rather than the necklace itself.  It adds a little more length and "dressiness" to the original necklace.  You can add as many pendants as you would like.  Each pendant is $2.00 more.  The price listed comes with two.     *When ordering I need: Children's Names.Leingth of chain choice.

Bird's Nest Necklaces- $12.00

How many bird's are in your nest??These are so cute!! If the Pea-n-Pod is not your style maybe this will be. They are very similar, but very different!! Each 6 mm pearl represents one of your unique kids!! The nest hangs from two small connectors from the back.  When ordering I need: how many "eggs" you need and length of chain choice.

Rectangle Necklace with Pea-n-Pod Charm- 17.50

Very similar to the Circle of Love necklace (pictured below). This necklace consists of rectangles verses circles.  This necklace also has a PIP charm representing the number of children you have.  Sweetness!! This is one of my personal favorites!! When ordering this: I need names of children, and preference of color for the pearls in PIP charm.  Choices are: almond,creme,gold,sage green,brown,pink,&blue.  Additional pendants are $2.00. Length of chain choice.

Circle Of Love Necklace- $15.50

This necklace is perfect for Grandmothers and Mothers!! 7/8 inch pendants with your childrens' names are hung from a circle charm with a darling pearl hanging from center.  Price is up to three pendants, additional pendants are $2.00 each. Length of chain choice.

Love all Around You-$14.50
(Mama/Grandmother's Necklace)
This is a mix of two different necklaces: Family Love and Surrounded by Love.Whomever the necklace is for: "Mama", "Ninny", "Nana", "Grandma" the list could go on and on.  Added is the children's names around the outer edge and then the corresponding birthstones.  Great gift!! When ordering: Birth months, name for center and the kid's names.  Length of chain choice.
Initial Necklace with Peal: 11.00

A little different from  the traditional Initial Necklace.  This one has a pearl attached to the chain on one side.  When Ordering This: I need initials in which they will be stamped. 

Breast Cancer Necklace: $12.50
This necklace was not created by me... it was created by one of my wonderful customers!!
This is a one inch square pendant with the saying for breast cancer.. faith.hope.love.In the center are the  initials of the person who is fighting cancer.  Also hanging in the center is the pink support ribbon. Great as a support necklace, a "in Memory of" necklace, however you want to use them. 
Our Nest Necklace- $14.50
What a neat way to show off your kids! Your children's names are stamped along the edge of the 1 1/4 inch pendant. Hanging from the center is a handmade bird's nest.  I have woven small "egg" looking pearls in wire shaped into a nest.  When ordering I need: names to be stamped and length of chain choice.

Mixed Metal Stacked Necklace- 15.75
This necklace is made of three pendants. One each of aluminum , nickel silver and brass. They measure 1 1/4 in, 1 in, and 7/8 in. Can hold up to five names.  When ordering please give reference to which pendant the name goes on. Note by: L/M/S  Length of chain choice.
Circle of Love with Birthstones- 17.50
This necklace is just like the other "Circle of Love Necklace", except instead of a single pearl hanging from the center, I have placed the corresponding birthstone for each child on each pendant. Still perfect for Grandmothers and Mothers!! Price is up to three pendants, additional pendants are $2.00 each. Length of chain choice.

Mixed Metal Family Necklace- 15.50

This necklace says it all!! You have your children's names, your year of establishment (wedding year), and husband and wife's initials.  Great to give as a gift or just for yourself! I have mixed different metals to make this one-of-a-kind necklace. I use copper, aluminum, nickel silver and a bronze brass. The price includes up to three tags (for names), a square small charm for year of establishment and a rectangle charm for hubby and wife initials. The chain is handmade with mixed metals as well.  The chain is made of copper and brass small link chain with a toggle clasp.
When Ordering I need: children's names, year of establishment, husband and wife's initials.

Paw Necklace- 12.50

This was a custom-order piece.  If you love to show your school spirit this is perfect for you! This necklace has a cute paw design on a small 5/8" circle pendant with a larger 1" pendant with your school's name. This is perfect if your mascot is a panther, tiger, even a bear. Even if your mascot is none of those, we can still put your school's name on the larger pendant and maybe even your son/daughter's number on the smaller pendant.  Make it your own!! The possibilities are endless!!

Simple Square Necklace- 10.50

 A chic necklace for any women!! This is a one inch square pendant with up to three names stamped on it hanging from a cute connector and a elegant pearl. I love how simple this necklace is yet so cute!! Perfect for any woman!!
When ordering I need: what to stamp on the pendant, and length of chain choice.


Chic Initial Necklace- 10.50

This is a necklace for any woman. It is a 7/8 inch circle pendant with a larger one initial stamped in the center. Hanging with the pendant is an elegant pearl.  When ordering I need: Initial to be stamped and length of chain choice.
Rectangle Pendant with Bird Nest Charm- 15.50
This is the cousin to the Pea in Pod charm with rectangle pendants. Adorable way to show off your little ones!! I love how the cute bird's nest accents the cute pendants. Everyone will love your sweet little "nest"  Price includes up to two pendants. Each additional pendant is $2.00.
When ordering I need: Names to be stamped and length of chain choice.

Copper Washer - 15.50
This is a 1 1/4 inch copper washer paired with small pearls. The number of pearls matches the number of names placed on the washer.  *The chain that comes with this necklace is only available in 18"*
When ordering I need: Names to be stamped on washer.

Copper Family Tree Necklace- 17.50
A new "spin off" of my Family Tree Necklace. This is a hand cut a 1 1/4 inch square copper pendant with the names stamped around edges. Pendant can hold up to four names and each side can have up to 10 letters.
When Ordering I need: Names and length of chain choice.
You Hold the Key to My Heart- 17.50
I LOVE this new necklace!! This is  a 1 1/4 inch hand cut square copper square. Hanging from the center is a handmade textured heart. Also, hanging from the pendant is a cute key charm. Names are stamped around edges. Each side can hold up to 10 letters. Perfect for mothers and grandmothers!
*When Ordering I need: Names to be stamped and length of chain choice.*

It's a BOY... It's a GIRL Necklace- 14.50
Adorable for that special expecting mom!! What a great way to say to the world.... I am having a _____!! I love this!! Makes a great shower gift !! Necklace consists of a 7/8 inch aluminum circle with two dainty charms either blue or pink, of course depending on what sex the baby is! Hanging from the pendant is a hallow heart connector.  Comes with a 16" or 18" chain.
When Ordering I need: What sex the baby is and length of chain choice.

Have Faith Necklace- 12.50
How many times have you reminded yourself to have FAITH? I dont know about you, but I have to remind myself alot!! So what better way to remember, just hold tight to the Lord's promise!!! "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed..." This is a inch aluminum pendant layered with a bronze pendant. Hainging from the top of the pendnat is a small, dainty cross charm. I love this!!
*When Ordering This I need: Length of chain choice.*

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If you would like to place an order, please email me. My email address is located on my home page. Each piece requires certain information that I need to complete the order. I have listed what information is required in each write-up about the jewelry.

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The Beginning

I started Pure Heart Creations when I saw a piece of hand stamped jewelry and FELL IN LOVE!! When I saw the price I knew I would not buy it. I decided then that I wanted to make this unique jewelry but with reasonable prices!! I adore this type of jewelry and I love making it!! It is so sweet to know that I am creating pieces that mean so much to Mamas-like-me!! I want you to think of me the next time you need that "unique gift" or something special for yourself!! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!! **I will be adding new products...so check back often!**


When I started looking at creating this type of jewelry I wanted to find materials that were affordable yet durable. So after many hours of researching and comparing different types of materials I decided to use nickel silver. It is perfect for stamping, holds up well like sterling silver but the best part it is half the cost! ***If you prefer sterling silver please email me for pricing***

-Hyper Smash