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Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year...New Arrivals... New Ventures...

Happy 2011!!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year!! Well, since it is a new year I am adding some new products...Cuffs,Cuffs,Cuffs.  I am adding all kinds of cuffs... leather cuffs, copper cuffs, and wider aluminum cuffs!! I am adding new necklaces (as always) and I always look for the opprotunity to creat ea custom piece!! I am trying some new business adventures (ie Facebook, and Etsy)!!! I am trying to learn all I can about these progams as well as keep my blog up!! So, 'like' me on FB and check out my Etsy store.  (You will notice my prices are different through Etsy, b/c they take a fee out as well as Paypal fees.) 
I appreaicte all of you and look forward to a busy year!!

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Also, if there is something that you dont see but have an idea on what you would like, please email me. I will gladly create a custom piece for you!!

How To Order

If you would like to place an order, please email me. My email address is located on my home page. Each piece requires certain information that I need to complete the order. I have listed what information is required in each write-up about the jewelry.

Once your order is complete I will send you an invoice through Paypal. It will list the amount of the necklace and the shipping cost. You will pay through Paypal and once I recieve your funds I will mail your piece to you. Thank-you!!

The Beginning

I started Pure Heart Creations when I saw a piece of hand stamped jewelry and FELL IN LOVE!! When I saw the price I knew I would not buy it. I decided then that I wanted to make this unique jewelry but with reasonable prices!! I adore this type of jewelry and I love making it!! It is so sweet to know that I am creating pieces that mean so much to Mamas-like-me!! I want you to think of me the next time you need that "unique gift" or something special for yourself!! THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!! **I will be adding new products...so check back often!**


When I started looking at creating this type of jewelry I wanted to find materials that were affordable yet durable. So after many hours of researching and comparing different types of materials I decided to use nickel silver. It is perfect for stamping, holds up well like sterling silver but the best part it is half the cost! ***If you prefer sterling silver please email me for pricing***

-Hyper Smash